Licentiate Level

After joining my local Camera Club in 2008 I was persuaded by friends to take my photography further by getting together a panel of photos and applying for the Licentiate with The Royal Photographic Society. With the Licentiate you have to show technical ability and put together a panel of 10 photographs which hang together well. I was pleased to have received a pass in July 2009 after sitting through a nail biting time waiting for the judge’s decision.

Associate Level

I had tried my hand with many genres of photography but after using a macro lens there was no looking back. I’d found that garden and floral photography was the area I enjoyed most and so decided to specialise in that area. I was fascinated, and still am, looking at the minute details that can be seen through the macro lens. It took a lot of patience to learn the new skills to get the correct settings and depth of field etc. but because I enjoyed the subject, I persevered.

I decided to go for the Associate level award with the RPS in 2012 and I wanted my panel to be on flower macro photography. Again it took some time putting together the 15 photos required. The standard the judges were looking for was much higher. I went along with some photos to an RPS Advisory Day and learned I was two thirds of the way to achieving the standards required. I found this day really encouraging and I was determined to find the other third that I needed.

Having decided on the panel I was going to submit I was advised to change one of the photographs, so at the last minute and one week before the big day I had to find another photograph and it had to be a poppy as I wanted it to blend in with the poppy on the other side of my panel. All this was nerve racking hoping I had made the right decision changing the photo. I was really grateful for all the help and encouragement from Linda Wevill FRPS and Sue Brown FRPS at that time.

I sat in the room at Bath with my husband and kept my eye on where the door was to make my great escape if the decision by the judges did not go my way. I was over the moon when the chairman stood up and said I had passed.

I have since then gone on to having my work shown in exhibitions and my work published in International Garden Photographer of the Year.

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